Creekside Pub & Grill

EST. 1964

Creekside Pub & Grill

EST. 1964

57 Years

Creekside Pub and Grill Providing the highest quality of food and service since 1964

Kelowna's traditional Pub & Grill

A good pub is all about the people, it's always people that make great pubs, the smile, the personal touch, going that extra mile to make someone feel welcome, landlords come and go, bar staff come and go. Sometimes the regulars may go with them, but in the main, a pub lives and does by its regulars. Get a good set in and they’ll be loyal, they’ll run your pool team, and come in for your quizzes. Have their birthday and anniversary dos with you.


Weeknight specials

Many pubs are drinking establishments, and little emphasis was placed on the serving of food but Creekside, with it's menu almost entirely made in house and locally sourced when possible, is trying to take the ''Pub Food'' to another level while staying true to the classics.

Fresh beer on Tap.
Casually sophisticated setting every day.

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Creekside Pub & Grill

3929 Lakeshore Rd,
Kelowna, BC V1W 1V3

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